Installation of equipment.

Choose the system that best suits your home, and if you are not sure, don't worry! our team Will advise you without obligation.

Domestic boiler

They are the most widespread system and thanks to the latest generation of condensing  boilers we canachieve up to 25% more energy efficiency.

Fuel: Propane Gas-Natural, Gas-Diesel.

Needs covered: Heating and hot water.

Main advantage: Easy replacement, without work or installation change.

Ideal installation: Boiler renovation.

Heat pump

The latest advance for Heating, Hot Water and pool heating. Every day more people are making the leap to aerothermy due to its classification as renewable energy and its low consumption and vesatility  

Fuel: Electricity.

Needs covered: Heating, cooling, hot wáter, pool heating 

Main advantage: Low consumpption, clean energy

Ideal installation: New construction or reform

Solar Panel

FREE! It couldn`t be described better. Let`s take advantage of our climate to start saving, and when there is no sun? The installation provides energy even on a cloudy days, so it will always provide at least part of the necessary energy for free. .

Fuel: Sun.

Needs Covered: Hot wáter, swimming pool heating and heating.

Main advantage: Free and renewable energy.

Ideal installation: Single-family home both wit andwithout reform. The installation does not require work.

Air Conditioning

Our great ally in summer. They are becoming more efficient and silent, bot in the Split range and casete adn ducts. We Will always advise you on the equipment that best suits your needs

Fuel: Electricity.

Covered needs: Heating and cooling.

Main advantage: Good cost-efficiency ratio.

Ideal installation: Renovation of equipment and reforms